zondag 21 juli 2024
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Sorry, alleen Engels.

What's this then?

Some kind of blog like thingy, I guess. Why in English? Well, I'm not particularly good at it, so I need to think hard before I can put anything in writing. That'll stop me from writing complete nonsense. I hope.

No comments

No, you can't comment on what I've written. I'm not looking for comments. I just want to rant, rave and ramble, even if nobody reads any of it. Get things of my chest. Finally. Probably should have started doing this years ago.
Final warning: I'm not forcing you to read any of this. If you can't handle strong language or politically incorrect statements, you shouldn't be here.

22-02-2024 - United States of Assholes

A country full of religious nutcases and plain fucking retards. Every time you think they couldn't possibly come up with something more insane, they surprise you. As if having a convicted rapist and all round crook run for president isn't enough.
Madness abounds.

06-08-2022 - Morally bankrupt

You'd think Amnesty International couldn't sink any lower after the mess with Navalny a while back. You'd be wrong.

03-04-2022 - Russian filth

Yes, I know I'm lumping you all together. So sue me. You russian pieces of shit should have done something about your despicable führer a long time ago.

After the images from Bucha, I have no words to express my disgust for Putin and his mindless followers. Nothing can truly describe what I feel for you. You deserve to be nuked out of existence, the whole fucking lot of you.

06-01-2021 - Third World country

The USA. Still the united states of assholes. Now also a banana republic.

04-09-2020 - Not sure what's worse...

A russian president assassinating his opponents (and the country's cabinet, parliament and justice system being OK with it...) or pakistani lunatics screaming murder over cartoons. Probably the latter, though. Religion is still the source of all evil.

16-07-2020 - Tendayi Achiume, charlatan, hypocrite

Another UN charlatan has reared her ugly head. Black racist pigs like this one still have too much influence.

01-02-2020 - That silly little island has left the building

To all the Brits that didn't want to leave - especially the Scots - you have my sympathy. To the others: good luck, you twats, you're gonna need it. Have fun being a colony of the united states of assholes.

27-11-2019 - Shithole of a country

A while ago, I activated an RSS feed for ProPublica. I'm removing it again. What they come up with is just too depressing. One thing I've learned from the articles on that site (like this one), is that the united states of assholes is an absolute shithole of a country as far as people's rights and certain legal matters are concerned. I am so glad I don't live there...

27-12-2018 - The evil of islam knows no bounds

The evil that is islam really knows no bounds. Or borders. And Twitter is an accomplice to the crimes the evil cult commits. This is beyond retarded. Go die in a fire, Paki lunatics. You are a disgrace to the human race.

And judging by the mentality of the inhabitants of the village where Asia Bibi lived, islamic Pakis really are the most disgusting people in the world.

22-10-2017 - W.H.O. retards

Sometimes it's easy to tell an organisation is led by a complete moron. Like when some idiot even considers giving a swine like Robert Mugabe any kind of public function outside of the country he destroyed.
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, do something useful for society and drown yourself. You are a disgrace to mankind and have made it quite clear the W.H.O. is not to be taken seriously.

12-03-2017 - So, turk is still a four letter word then...

To be called a turk used to be an insult in this country. That may have changed a little over the past decades. A certain islamofascist goatfucker of a dictator has made damned sure any positive feelings towards his fifth columnists will be gone by now.
Up yours, erdo-ape!

09-11-2016 - Derp

The final proof americans are stark raving mad. Congratulations, you've got an idiot for president.

14-11-2015 - This evil has to be stopped

The first versions of this entry were a bit too much, even for me, so I didn't post them. Yet even after thinking things through carefully and (relatively) calmly, only one conclusion is possible: islam is a cancer that needs to be cut out of humanity. It's evil incarnate. Its most ardent adherents are animals rather than human beings. The evidence is all around us, all over the world, every single day. No other culture has this little respect for human life, this much hatred towards people that aren't followers. It's vile, rotten to the core. Words are not enough to describe how detestable and despicable it is.

Mankind will not know peace as long as it exists.

13-11-2015 - A university never to be trusted again

Carnegie Mellon. Remember that name. Don't send your kids there if you value ethics.

28-10-2015 - Parasites and how not to deal with them

The Dutch have always been a fairly tolerant people. Over the centuries, they have accepted refugees and immigrants from all over the place, usually to a mutual benefit. On the whole, these newcomers integrated well in Dutch society (although this didn't always go smoothly...).

A couple of decades ago, things began to change. There now was a group of people who were supposed to be here only temporarily. They had been hired to work here and the idea was they would return to their home countries when that work was done. Only many of them didn't. They let their families come over and essentially became immigrants instead of temporary workers. This wouldn't really have been much of an issue, if the culture they originated from had been compatible with western values.

Retards who think women are worth less than men and despise people with different religious or sexual preferences don't really fit in here. However, as long as they're here temporarily and don't cause a problem for the local population, they're pretty much allowed to go about their business. There's that tolerance again, live and let live. But too much tolerance is a bad thing. You need to set boundaries, even if you think "these idiots are only here for a short while, so whatever...".

You certainly need to put a stop to a backward and morally sick culture getting a real foothold. The powers that be, still on their tolerance highhorse, didn't and now we're stuck with a large group of islamic misfits who hate everything that isn't muslim and don't give a flying fuck about Dutch values and customs. They're not going to go away and that's bad enough.

And then there's the refugees from Syria. Only they aren't. They stopped being refugees the moment they left safe countries like Turkey and headed further west. Then they became parasites. Parasites who want something for nothing. Parasites who have the gall to expect the people of other countries to simply give away their hard earned money. Parasites who throw away perfectly good food because it has a red cross on the package. Parasites who set fire to the tents they were given for temporary shelter (because there aren't any more houses growing on the local trees). Parasites who beat up their fellow parasites because they don't follow the insane writings of a seventh century pedophile or rape them because they happen to be women...

Of course, the Dutch people aren't particularly fond of these parasites. They rightfully fear for the safety of their daughters and they're worried about the lack of screening and the chance that not just misogynistic parasites but downright terrorists are being parked in the middle of their communities. They make this very clear to the incompetent, clueless morons who pretend to run the country. And of course they're largely ignored by these morons, because that's what morons do.

Some Dutch people go a bit further. They do the only thing morons understand: use threats of violence. Not the best strategy, but apparently the only one left. And what do the morons do? Do they get the message and start listening to the people, putting a stop to the uncontrolled influx of undesirables? Nope. They publish an open letter to the public, asking the people to behave...

This isn't just plain stupid. This is advanced stupid.

07-01-2015 - Je suis Charlie

Pathetic islamo-fascists, your actions prove that your god doesn't exist, because if he did, he wouldn't need turds like you to defend him.

24-07-2014 - Anti-Semitic, Islamo-Fascist Bags of Pig Shit

Waving flags that represent death and oppression, preaching genocide, threatening journalists. This is what they look like, abusing the democratic freedom that would be abolished if they had their way. Protesting in this manner would get them killed if they were in one of the countries they so admire. One can only hope that one day the ordinary people of this country will start treating this type of cretin the same way.

13-07-2014 - Shitheads

I've said it before and I'll say it again: the GNOME developers are complete shitheads. They're on a crusade to piss of as many customers as possible. Yes, I call GNOME users customers, because that's what they are. They may not be paying customers, they're still customers and annoying your customers because you think you have the right to decide what they like is never a good idea.

Although I stopped using GNOME after the classic desktop disappeared, I stuck with GEdit, even after I switched to Xfce (Mousepad just doesn't cut it...). Three times in a row the GNOME developers changed the API so the plugins no longer work. This time, with version 3.12, they've also removed most of the useful bits from the menu structures. I've had it. All of GNOME is gone now. Geany turns out to be a much better editor anyway.

12-05-2014 - What cultural differences?

Taking someone's cultural backgound into account works both ways. That's something politically correct westerners tend to forget.

No, this isn't about the usual suspects (well, maybe the bit at the end is...). Recently I got into an argument on a forum, where someone from Japan responded to a posting I made about the release of a new upstream version of an important piece of software. This was a hint to the developers of the forum's Linux distro. A reminder, in case they missed it (they're a small team and have other things on their minds). This Japanese guy replied with a slightly condescending posting, which essentially said that I shouldn't be so impatient. At least that's all I could make of it.

My response was: 'Not sure what you're on about, but it looks like you completely missed the point. Never mind.'.

That should have been the end of it. My 'Never mind' sort of excused his attitude and the fact that he hadn't bothered to read my original posting properly or perhaps just didn't understand it. Next thing one of the developers tells me off for my reply, saying I should be patient and helpful and take other people's cultural background into account.

Say what? Why the fuck should I be the only one to do that? The other guy was out of line, possibly because he honestly misunderstood my posting, but still. My reply to him was mild, all things considered. So that's what I replied, adding a comment about how my 30+ years of dealing with dimwits (hi guys! doing ok?) apparently changed my perspective somewhat.

This developer is Dutch as well, so I assumed he would understand my reply for what it was worth. Nope. I forgot to take into account that he's a Brabander, which seems to be a different breed compared to someone from the Randstad (i.e. the west of the country, mostly Holland and Utrecht). My mistake. I should have remembered two ex-colleagues who moved to the east of the country and mentioned how their 'Randstadse' humour and no-nonsense attitude were met with confusion and misunderstanding. Should have realised the south would be no different. Cultural differences, even in such a small country.

Anyway, while two guys from the other side of the world seemed to understand what I was on about - although they did say my wording could have been better - I had to actually explain it to one of my own countrymen. And he still kept coming back with the 'respect cultural differences' mantra.

Well, sod it! Life's too short for me to start walking on eggshells now. If you're from a different culture, make an effort to understand ours and don't force us to always and only be on the understanding end.

To me this is exemplary of why this country - or this part of the world even - is going to the dogs. Led by the terminally politically correct left wing, we go out of our way to 'respect other cultures' yet don't seem to mind 'they' hardly ever respect ours.

I will not accept that. Ever.

11-05-2014 - Have you people gone completely mad?

Think of Jeremy Clarkson and David Lowe and realise political correctness has reached a new low.

24-10-2013 - Verene Shepherd, charlatan

Never mind, stupid bitch. Turns out you're a complete nobody who uses UN stationery for her own goals (i.e. mainly trying to extort money from countries that practiced slavery in the past). Go die in a fire, useless nigger.

22-10-2013 - Open message to Verene Shepherd, OHCHR

Woman, are you retarded? You claim to be a social historian, yet you lack any kind of historical insight in one of the western world's holiday traditions. You ask why the Dutch people would want two Santa Clauses, proving you didn't do even the slightest bit of research into the historical background of Sinterklaas and Santa Claus.
Next time you want to prove to the world what an ignorant asshole you are, don't do it on Dutch television. You're the kind of money grabbing twit that could make an entire people turn racist out of anger.

Oh, and if you had done some research, you would have known why there is absolutely nothing racist about Sinterklaas. It's only pathetic imbeciles like you, who can do nothing but scream 'racism' at anything involving coloured people in an unusual context, who are too thick to understand why, without having it spelled out to them.

Also, you might want to explain why this isn't considered racist.

05-10-2013 - The MATE developers aren't much better...

And the MATE desktop as a whole still sucks.

A little over two years ago I wrote my first rant on this page about the GNOME developers screwing their users. I mentioned forks. The MATE desktop is such a fork. Unfortunately, the people developing that fork are starting to develop the same kind of attitude as the GNOME developers...

I stayed with the classic version of the GNOME desktop as long as I could. It resembled the old GNOME 2 desktop enough for me to not rush into moving to MATE. I knew that making such a move wasn't going to be a simple job. Besides, the early versions of MATE really weren't all that stable, so I thought I'd give them a couple of years to sort things out.
Then last September, Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) released its seventh update pack and things went bad for GNOME Classic. Several applications simply stopped working as they should. Time for the move...

Nasty one.

This kind of thing just leaves me speechless (for a while anyway...). As far as I can tell, these Linux developers are all the same. Rulers of their little kingdoms and their users can go fuck themselves if they need something that's outside the set procedures.

This attitude stinks.

19-08-2013 - Britain is worse

I was right. The brits are even bigger shitheads.

23-06-2013 - Go die in a fire, you spying bastards

When I was a young man, I was actually quite positive about the united states of assholes. They say wisdom comes with age. Boy, ain't that the truth! I'm still hoping there are many more people there like this guy, but I'm not optimistic.
Barack Obama, you're an unreliable, lying piece of filth. I can only hope you and your goons get what they deserve. Hong Kong giving you fucktards a slap in the face and a kick in the crotch is a good start.

Oh, and before people think I'm singling out just one bunch of crooks, the Brits appear to have an even worse collection of shitbags.

21-12-2012 - Pedophile bag of shit

A hateful bag of shit in Rome, known for his love for pedophiles and retarded views on contraception and sexuality in general, has called all religions to join forces against homosexuals. If anything, this again proves my dad was right: religion is the source of all evil.
Fuck you, Joseph Ratzinger. I hope you die a horrible, agonising death.

19-11-2012 - Privacy threatened again

A thirteen year old murder is solved through DNA comparison and the morons who think solving crimes always takes precedence over people's privacy come crawling out of the woodwork again. Steven de Jong, read this, you blithering idiot!

20-09-2012 - Martin Schulz is a dickhead

This guy is a spineless fucktard. One of the many morons who will crawl up to their ankles into the arse of religious zealots. Politically correct enough to make me vomit. By giving in to his personal fears and blurting out his idiotic ideas in public, he has proven to the world he is not fit to be anything of importance in any political body (oh, right, he just proved he's a true politician — sometimes I forget...).

If the european union were a democratic organisation, we might be able to vote him out. As it's a just a collection of corrupt, money waisting crooks, he'll probably get away with it. Again.

15-09-2012 - All religions are evil - some more than others

My father was born in the century before the last. In 1899 to be exact. He was quite old when I was born — second marriage and all that — and died when I was sixteen.
I didn't get to know him very well, but he made some memorable statements. The one that really stuck was 'Religion is the source of all evil'. He never cared to expand on that 'wisdom'. He just said I would know what he meant when I was older.
He was right, of course. On both counts.

He didn't specify, but I always assumed he was referring to christianity. That's what he was brought up on and that's what he felt let him down when his first marriage turned out to be a failure. As a consequence, he and my mother raised me completely agnostic. Not atheist. They figured they had no way to prove gods didn't exist, so being atheist was a step too far for them. Not for me, though.

To me, religion is evil. It's used as a means to indoctrinate, manipulate and oppress people and serves no real purpose other than that. Anyone with a sane mind won't just start stealing, lying, cheating or killing. You don't need a religion to tell you it's wrong to be a nasty person.

While I resent all religions, there's one which has proven itself to be quite a bit more evil than others. It's particularly hostile towards women, narrow-minded, hateful and intolerant — some would say, altogether not unlike christianity used to be centuries ago.
I don't dislike its individual followers in general, but what it stands for as a whole and what its evil scripture (yes, I've read it...) dictates about how 'unbelievers' are to be treated, thoroughly disgusts me. It has many fanatical followers who will take every opportunity to go on a rampage against people of other cultures, thereby proving that any negative feelings directed towards them are fully justified.
And if that isn't enough, all around the world it has apologists — like the stupid tart who calls herself united nations high commissioner for human rights — who are always eager to squeak about discrimination and provocation, ignoring the fact that only a complete retard can think killing people over a drawing or movie is justifiable.

The world would have been a much better place if people hadn't invented religion. And it certainly would have been a whole lot better off without islam.

13-09-2012 - The filth has not been kept out

One consolation, the liberal party has managed to stay ahead of them. In all likelyhood they'll end up forming a liberal/labour government (how the hell do you make something like that work...?) so there's a good chance the fucker mentioned in the previous posting won't be able to screw people over after all.

24-05-2012 - Dutch labour party intends to screw responsible people

Imagine you've been working hard for several decades. You lead a relatively austere life — no car, no smoking, no alcohol — so you've been able to save more than a little money. Good thing, because with pension funds having to lower expectations all over the place you'd better take care of your pension reserve yourself.

Along comes the disgusting little bald man who now heads the labour party and like so many leftists used to be an environmental terrorist in his younger days. He says his party will make sure to increase the tax on your savings above a certain amount because it's 'dead money' and people should be spending instead of saving.
Can you believe this idiot? As if money that's been put in deposit for five or six years isn't being used (by the bank that holds the deposit).

I've never really hated anyone, but when I read about the retarded ideas this asshole has...

Anyway, if you have savings, you know what not to vote in the upcoming election.

16-11-2011 - mlemos is an ass

Open message to mlemos of PHP Classes. Please:

The people using your scripts without checking them for insane coding will be better off.

P.S. The items marked with * qualify you as an ass.

15-08-2011 - The GNOME developers are fucking assholes

Seen GNOME Shell yet? Complete pile of shit. And that's being friendly. The GNOME developers have decided they know what's best for their users. Actually, they probably haven't. Most likely they haven't even thought about their (current) users. They've just looked at some tablets and smart phones and thought it would be a good idea to put all the junk people use there on the desktop. Screw desktop users who want to be productive. Who needs them anyway?

One response: who needs the GNOME developers? People are starting to fork GNOME left, right and center, so before long you'll be out of users to pester. That's what you get for pissing off your customers, guys.