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Sorry, alleen Engels.
Sorry, alleen Engels.

Some frequently answered RISC OS questions and tips.

Pluto - empty e-mails with attachments

These don't exist. What looks like an empty e-mail with an attachment is actually a perfectly valid e-mail encoded as Base64. Something which Pluto unfortunately still cannot handle (well, the standard specifying this isn't much more than twenty years old, so...).

How to deal with this? Simply run !Attacher and drop the entire message, including all the headers, on the window to extract the message text (most likely HTML). Make sure the headers are complete, i.e. save the message from Pluto's Article Viewer with the headers visible or use Export from the box's listing with Header set to Original.

Edit: It's possible this has been fixed in recent versions of Pluto, but I haven't checked - sorry.

RPCEmu - miscellaneous

No mouse

Does your mouse pointer disappear when you use RISC OS 6.20 on RPCEmu? Make sure the RAM size is less than 256MB.

EtherRPCEm items

Adding to the table on the bottom of this page:

RISC OS!SystemAutoSense
6.20 !Boot.Resources.!System !Boot.RO440Hook.Res.Configure.!NetSetup.!IFSetup.AutoSense
Lock up

If RISC OS 6.20 hangs during the first stage of booting, before the Boot choices are shown on the screen, or when you're setting up networking with EtherRPCEm and click Set in the Interfaces window, check the AppleTalk module is (and remains) unplugged. If necessary, edit the file !Boot.Resources.!Internet.!Run and comment out the line containing RMEnsure AppleTalk 1.11 (most likely line number 64). Then add on the line below that one: X Unplug AppleTalk

Keyboard mess

These are a couple of issues you can only handle if you have the source code...

For starters, on a RiscPC keyboard, the ` (backquote) and ' (quote) keys are swapped. To fix this, exchange the values for KEY_QUOTE and KEY_TILDE in the standardkeys array in keyboard.c. KEY_QUOTE should be 0x0E and KEY_TILDE 0x52 and not the other way around.

Then there's the bloody annoying Ctrl+End key combination that kicks you out of whatever you're doing. You can change that in rpc-linux.c (and probably in the corresponding ones for windows and mac as well - I didn't check). Look for KEY_END in the code. You'll find two lines with ((key[KEY_LCONTROL] || key[KEY_RCONTROL]) && key[KEY_END]). All I did was remove the (key[KEY_LCONTROL] || bit and the first closing bracket, so only RightCtrl+End works as before (I hardly ever use that Ctrl key...) and I can finally use StrongED the way it was supposed to be used. You could put another combination here as well, like the Alt+Enter used by VirtualAcorn.

Recompile (don't forget to make clean first) and you're set.

**UPDATED** For more recent versions of RPCEmu

From version 0.9.0, the first bit is no longer necessary as the backquote and quote keys behave properly.
The Ctrl+End issue of course is still there, but you have to make a different change. In qt5/main_window.cpp, look for the line containing ControlModifier and change that to AltModifier. The previous solution (add some code to use the right control key) doesn't work, so I switched to using Alt+End instead.

Screwed up meta data on image files

HostFS changes the time stamp of image files like zip archives and StrongHelp files, when these files are opened for reading. I haven't been able to fix that yet, so this is just a warning not to rely on these files' time stamps for anything. E.g. don't use Newer if you want to install a new version of something, because a messed up time stamp of an older image file could make you lose part of your upgrade.