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Sorry, alleen Engels.


This is where I've hidden a couple of tools and applications for use with RISC OS. Some of them are all mine, others not at all or only partly.

There's a very boring listing below, summing up what's available here. Everything is 32-bit clean (unless stated otherwise) and it all comes in Zip archives, so you may need David Pilling's SparkFS or SparkPlug to unpack it.
Of course, there's no guarantee anything works as advertised. You use it totally at your own risk. That said, if you have any comments, suggestions or bug reports, don't hesitate to contact me. You can mail me as frank at the hostname aconet in the top level domain nl or org (sorry about the long-winded way of describing that - I get way too much spam as it is...).

AntiSpam AntiSpam has a page of its own now. Follow the link...
Checksums Version 1.10 (06-03-2010) - 31k
Calculates 16 and 32 bit CRC and MD5 and SHA1 fingerprint of files.
This version was released because of changes to the support module (SGL).
More info: text
CoolSwitch Version 1.06 (03-05-2011) - 36k
A 32-bit clean and ARMv7 compatible version of Andy Armstrong's task and window switcher.
More info: text
CrypStor Something new-ish. Sort of. Follow the link...
DDNSC Version 1.04 (14-10-2008) - 50k
A dynamic DNS client. This version is only suitable for the services provided by Dyn (dyndns).
More info: text
Fetch_NS Version 2.50 (17-03-2023) - 14k
Small application to download, install and run the latest development version of NetSurf.
More info: text
IfType Version 1.00 (16-08-2003) - 1717 bytes
Utility to execute commands depending on file type.
More info: text
Interface Version 2.00 (09-04-2004) - 67k
Patch to create a 32-bit clean version of Simon Huntingdon's Interface module.
More info: text
MSC Version 0.42 (16-04-2023) - 192k
A simple message submission client, to deliver your e-mail to your (ISP's) SMTP server.
More info: text
If you're upgrading from a much earlier version, do read the last bit of the last paragraph of the Mail file formats section in the !Help file, in case your outbound mail setup needs to be updated.
OscliD Version 1.08 revision 1 (16-04-2011) - 57k
My adaptation of Chris Rutter's OSCLI daemon. The original can be found here (sorry - that link is broken).
More info: text
ROSBink Version 1.37 (09-05-2021) - 117K
Simple binkp daemon, still in development.
The current zip contains a serial block driver for use with WimpLink (version 0.91 - 24-03-2021).
No further information available - the alpha/beta testers know what to expect... :-)
SetVarCSD Version 1.2 (03-08-2003) - 2244 bytes
Utility to create a code variable which prints the Currently Selected Directory.
More info: text
SocketWatch Version 0.07 (11-01-2019) - 27k
Unofficial bugfix release. Includes source.
See the Nettle site for the official - non fixed - version of this module.
More info: text
Telnet Version 1.03 (26-08-2003) - 46k
Simple command line Telnet client. BSD copyright notice/licence.
More info: text
Terminate Version 1.07 (14-04-2011) - 14k
Module providing commands to terminate applications from Obey files or the command line.
The previous version (slightly buggy) can be found here.
Updater Version 0.94L (20-09-2020) - 883k
Application to check for updates/upgrades of applications, tools and documents. Not a package manager!
Still beta, as nobody but me has used it so far...
More info: text
URIBlock Version 0.04 (23-01-2018) - 10k
URI/URL blocker.
More info: text
URLd Version 1.12 (31-07-2008) - 8k
URI to URL converter and URL deferrer.
More info: text
WimpExt Version 3.49 (20-11-2004 - second release) - 157k
DoggySoft's Wimp Extension II module after 32-bit clean up. Including all the libraries I could find. The sources (253K) are available here.
WLPatcher Version 2.04 (15-04-2001) - 18k - NOT 32-bit clean!
Y2K patcher for WimpLink 1.05.
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